Studio Photos

Studio Photos


Studio photography isn’t just what sets me apart from my competitors, but it’s where creativity comes to life.

A studio is the only way to completely and correctly control all elements of a photograph from lighting all the way to controlling the weather that you’re in.
We’ve all had rainy days, but in a studio we can decide if we want it to be rainy, or sunny. We can choose if you’re at the Harvey House, or thousands of miles away in Paris.
A studio is also the best way too have not only accurate white balance, but accurate colors as well. If you ask another photographer and they can’t explain this in detail, you should probably not hire them, unless you enjoy yellow/blue-hued photos with orange/green wedding dresses that were white in person.

Most local photographers will offer to put all of their photos on a disk and how many disks do you have laying around and better yet, when was the last time you popped one in and looked at pictures?
I not only provide free emailing of full resolution as a company standard, but offer thumb drives, prints, CD’s, DVD’s, and can even have your photos printed on items such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, or other items.

I’ve saved the best for last and that is quality: Quality in camera (42.4MP meaning high quality prints as large as 40″x60″), quality in lenses (Sharp, clean, and accurate lenses are used to ensure the viewer sees what I see), quality in lighting (This is what controls every aspect of the photo for mood, quality, and setting your photos apart), quality in backdrops (Whether it’s a simple headshot backdrop or it’s a full on green screen to create a custom environment), and quality in printing (I am able to produce up to 17″x22″ photos, using only the best Canon ink and printer on the market for a total of 12 ink cartridges, ensuring not only quality, but accuracy in prints).