My Current VacancieS


I am looking for one ambitious photographer
to help maintain and operate a photography studio in Barstow, CA. This is an amazing opportunity as you need little to no studio equipment and only a small amount of money to invest in your own future.

What it costs: Refundable Business Partnership Fee of $500 (half the cost of a decent lens) and your choice of $200 per month for rent or $10 per client (Can just tack that on to what you charge the client). I’m always up front, super easy going and work well with others. If at any time either of us need out, I just ask that we communicate and give one another at least a 2 week heads up.

What you need: Camera, lens, and on-camera flash or optical trigger of some sort.

What you get:
1.   Option to rent at $200 per month or $10 per client. The choice is yours.
2.   Free range on lighting equipment: x3 Alienbee x1600 studio strobes, x2 FalconEyes large bendable LED panels with softboxes/grids, x1 43″ deep parabolic softbox/grid, x2 large stripbox softboxes/grids, 
3.   Free range on studio equipment: 9 ft. seamless paper backdrops of white, black, grey, and green. x3 washed/”classic” backdrops for portraits, faux red brick wall, and real large white stone wall.
4.   Free range on studio props: faux black leather futon, large wood coffee table, child’s school desk, over $200 worth in baby props, clothes rack, and more.
5.   Any training and knowledge that I have would be at your disposal… That’s roughly $45,000 worth of knowledge and many years of experience to help guide you and I’m sure you can teach me a thing or two.


We will contact you within one business day.